truth of existence

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Is the sense of separateness a truth of existence?
"Enlightenment, as a concept, creates a lot of confusion and is too overrated. I prefer to speak of self-realization. Finding ourselves and delving into the meaning of life is the most important discovery of human beings, and the only real key to a happy life that is really worth living." Kunio S. Nomura

World peace can be achieved easily

Kunio's (Shohei Nomura) Buch "Beyond national egoism" zeigt es wundervoll auf, wie wir über die Grenzen unserer eigenen "national-kulturellen" Erziehung hinausgehen können. Zu empfehlen sind seine "Inochi-no + Kokoro-Seminar", die auch in Europa stattfinden.

Excerpt from Idle Thoughts: Law of Happiness

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