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"Haruchika Noguchi Seitai" - founder of Seitai - katsugen-undo

Human beings live by means of the extremely subtle, autonomous activities of life. Nevertheless, many people these days cannot bring themselves to realize this, and they suppose that they cannot maintain their health unless they rely on medicines and specialist techniques.
It is no exaggeration to say that, just as the regular use of synthetic hormones inhibits the body's own production of hormones, the tendency of modern people to rely excessively on medicines weakens those autonomous capacities that man naturally possesses.
The author believes that it is necessary to revitalize the autonomous capacities of the human body, and he recommends a method of training the extrapyramidal system which is known as “katsugen undo”, as well as doing “yuki”. In this book, the ways to practise these methods are explained in detail, and the book provides a useful introduction to living in a “seitai” way.

exerts of his book "oder body spontaneity"
from Haruchika Noguchi Seitai "how to order the body"

Seitai-Workshops "katsugen-undo & "Yuki" ("divine seitai movement")

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